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  • Ruth Frost

Welcome to Our Home!

Our 1925 Craftsman Bungalow demonstrates how living spaces help tell our stories.


This home called to us with its cozy, sunlit interior and original oak wood, burnished gold. We added a warm color palette to complement our stained glass windows and lamps. I refurbished my mother's childhood drop-down desk which was made for her by a kind uncle after her father's sudden death. The Redwoods print over the built-in buffet whispers of Muir Woods in the San Francisco Bay Area, where we lived for fifteen years. The hand-turned wooden bowl made by a friend graces our dining room table. All of this creates an environment rich in memories and meaning.

This stained glass piece depicts The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. Three generations of children in my family grew up reading it or hearing it read to them. We have all traveled to Narnia's magical realm in our imaginations where we have met the great lion, Aslan, the creator and protector of Narnia. The window graces our dining room where the afternoon sun makes the characters etched into the glass come alive. It was the first window I designed and built over fifty years ago. It warms my heart to know it will be passed on to our daughter and then to our grandson when I am gone.

An excerpt from Homes with Heart:

"Our homes are the libraries of our lives, whose rooms preserve our stories - those that sustain us, and those that still haunt us. Our stories are our reference points, but as with all reference books, they invite course correction as new knowledge and new experience enlightens, and sometimes supplants, the old. The present, lived with compassionate wisdom, illumines the past and lends hope to the future."

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