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"Homes with Heart" is written for everyone  who wants to take the next step in home living, which is home life design. 

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Homes with Heart helps you:

• Turn your living space into a loving place,

• Choose "family of the heart" to enrich your living,

• Create an environment that tells your story,

• Overcome obstacles to peaceful home living, 

• Offer welcome, refuge and belonging to a wider world. 

I am passionate about the importance of home in our lives. We've all heard, "Home is where your heart is." But when our hearts are weary or wounded or our lives  uprooted, it's hard to find home. Sometimes we struggle to be at home within ourselves or at home with one another.


This book explores our journey to make home in the world. It provides guidance in turning living spaces into loving places that become "homes with heart." Our homes express who we are and support the quality of life we seek, in the company of those we love.

What is Home? 

Our local art institute featured the struggles of the world's refugees, disenfranchised from home. One exhibit invited people to respond to the question: "What is home?"

Three responses stopped me in my tracks:


"Home is a time when people are there for each other, where they grow unthreatened."

"Home is a place in your heart where there is no judgment, where your heart can sing and you can breathe."


"Home is what was taken from me."

As we "home" in this world, we discover "justice is what love looks like in public." We start where it begins, in our own home with our own families. 


Together, we make "Homes with Heart."

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