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After retiring from my work as a hospice chaplain, I decided to write. But then our grandson arrived and needed childcare. Luckily, his reliable naps allowed me  time to write. Four years later, my book “Homes with Heart: Turning Living Spaces into Loving Places” was born. My grandson even managed to charm his way  into it. In this photo, his T-shirt reads: “Peace, Love and Naps." A great motto to live by!

Ruth Frost inspires people to create homes that tell their stories. A stained glass artisan, she designed windows for homes, restaurants and churches. But her work in ministry taught her beauty alone can’t make a home. Living in San Francisco during the epidemics of AIDS and homelessness, Ruth worked with people disenfranchised from home and family. Her spiritual community became a refuge of safety, hospitality and belonging: the foundation of home.


While in San Francisco, Ruth became an activist in a national advocacy movement to advance the rights and visibility of LGBTQ people in the wider Lutheran Church. In recognition of her work, she received “A Leading Voice” award from the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry, Berkley, CA.

Fifteen years later, Ruth settled into the quieter side of soul-care through hospice chaplaincy, accompanying people near the end of life. A trained legacy guide, she helped patients record their life stories and celebrate the love they would leave behind. She states, “My patients were my teachers. By their grace and courage in dying, they taught me how to live.”


Currently, Ruth lives in Minneapolis with her family. She enjoys gardening, singing, writing, reading, and leading workshops and retreats. And, last but not least, dogs. 

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