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"Homes with Heart: Turning Living Spaces into Loving Places"


Reflections on Homing in a Diverse World

Guidance for Home Design & Intentional Home Living



Thank you for checking out my website and my new book.

I have long been fascinated by how we find and create home in the world. I wrote "Homes with Heart: Turning Living Spaces into Loving Places" before the pandemic of Covid-19 which forced us to retreat into our homes. Now creating homes with heart is vital to our well-being. While this book includes elements of home design, it is chiefly about finding home within ourselves and how we make home together. 

If home means welcome, refuge and belonging, how do we reach out and support one another? What is the role of community in homing? Who are the homeless among us? 

Ram Dass says, "All we are doing is walking each other home." What if that is the most important thing we do in life? My hope is that this book will help you find and make home in the world. My dream is that we can do this together.

Where is Home?

Home is where

someone is expecting you,

where eyes shine their greeting

as you cross the threshold,

a bark trumpets you to the household.

Home is where you

lay down whatever is burdening you,

tell whatever is bothering you,

and let yourself be found.

Home is where a memory, a dream,

a laugh or a tear is freely shared,

until "your" story becomes “our” story

and endings become beginnings.

Home is where

welcoming arms await you

as you come into this world;

and sending hands bless you

when you leave it.

Home is

the company you keep

until departure time,

watching with you through the night

until the rising sun lights your way.

Family is all your loved ones

in whom you “home”

here and hereafter.

Love is the way home.

 -Ruth Frost, a poem inspired by my father


Our Home Vision:​

May this living space become a loving place that provides refuge, hospitality and creative renewal to all who dwell here and all who cross its threshold. May we expand our hearts as our family reconfigures and our friendship circles widen. Through every stage of life, may our house be a Home with Heart.

Tito, our home guardian

Stained glass by Ruth Frost

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